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August 28, 2011

New videoblog entry

I’m trying to create a videoblog everyday now so make sure I do! Topics would be useful too 🙂

March 9, 2011

Is there anything anyone wants to see?

Food, fashion, home, travel?

Ask me and I’ll do my best to find it for you 🙂

March 7, 2011

University Life

Although you may have noticed my writing isn’t particularly eloquent, I am actually studying journalism at university in Southampton.

At the moment, I’m trying to complete a research project about the role of journalists since Web 2.0 came about. The thing is, I’d rather get on with using Web 2.0 rather than writing about it. Even though I am…

The course is actually really great. It wasn’t my first choice and I was a bit apprehensive but I think this is the best placed I could have turned up.

The other problem is I need to make my option choices for next year but I really don’t know what’s best at the moment. Every year it’s another decision which will supposedly ‘shape my future career’. I’m sure I want to go into broadcast journalism, but I really love print.

One week to decide.