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March 3, 2011

Meals for the weekend

I’ve been looking around for some tasty things to make.

1) Polish Chlodnik

What looks like a very tasty, refreshing and healthy meal. Something definitely worth trying on a warm summer evening as well. If you like the look of the marble rye bread she serves with it there is a recipe for itĀ hereĀ

2) Lemon Bars

Something sweet and sticky! If this tastes as good as it looks it’ll be a definite winner.

3) Green Apple Sorbet

I love sorbet but I have never tried apple sorbet. I can only imagine the sharp apple and sweet sugary taste will be amazing! However, I think I’ll skip the green food colouring – natural off white will look just as nice in my opinion.

I might try and make a crispy crumble topping or flapjack to go with this. Although that’s possibly too sweet.

Other suggestions are very welcome.